Tini Bikinis Targeting College Students

Tini Bikini’s, a downtown “bar” that features “bikini dancers,” has expanded its recruitment efforts to college students. An advertisement promising that women can “make good money” appears in the July 15 issue of The Lanthorn, Grand Valley State University’s student-run newspaper. While the ad promotes the money that can be earned, it fails to mention that women have to stand outside on Division Ave in bikinis as a means of “enticing” customers, subjecting them to stares and comments from passer-bys. It is also worth noting that Tini Bikini’s previous “recruitment” efforts, as reported by numerous people since opening, seem to have consisted of bouncers standing outside shouting at women who walk by, staring at women’s chests, and encouraging them to apply while telling them that they “would look great in a bikini.” Hopefully the attempts at recruiting college students is an indication that Tini Bikini’s is having problems and going out of business soon; about the only people who would miss it would be the folks at IndulgeGR, a local publication that seems to pride itself on printing objectifying photographs of women on every page.

Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org