Billionaires for Bush or Kerry Visit Downtown Grand Rapids

Billionaires for Bush or Kerry

Billionaires for Bush or Kerry, a national coalition of wealthy people stumping for the corporate parties and their candidates has been agressively campaigning this year to assure that their candidates maintain control of the country this year. The Grand Rapids chapter of Billionaires for Bush or Kerry took their campaign to the streets yesterday at the weekly Blues on the Mall event under the theme “votes are free but we buy ours.” The Billionaires bought approximately 400 votes–exchanging money for a promise from attendees that they would vote for one of the two rich white male candidates. In addition, the group distributed over 200 flyers outlining the positions of the two millionaire candidates. The billionaires were well received, showing that it is not just the Republican and Democratic parties that love the rich–but everyone on the streets as well, and that’s a good thing–because they are guaranteed to win the election.

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