Nader Announces Camejo as Vice President Candidate

Ralph Nader, 2000 Green Party candidate for President, has announced his running mate for his 2004 campaign for president as an independent candidate. Nader has announced that Peter Camejo will be his running mate.

While Nader is not seeking the nomination of the Green Party at their convention this week in Milwaukee, he has announced that he will accept the endorsement of the party, much as he accepted the endorsement of the Reform Party. At issue is ballot access, as the electoral system in the United States greatly restricts ballot access to third party candidates and independent candidates. Receiving the endorsement of the Green Party would give Nader ballot access in 22 states and the District of Colombia.

However, an endoresement by the Green Party is far from certain. Endorsing an “independent” for president would effectively mean not running a candidate and many are questioning such a plan.

Author: mediamouse

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