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With this news story we have another clear example of news media acting as stenographers. The story basically reports on where the 2 major candidates were and what themes they touched on. Viewers were not informed by a verification of the claims made from either candidate.

It is as if news readers are just taking excerpts from campaign press releases. Read the May 12 Press Release from Kerry’s camp and see how similar it is to the comments about Kerry’s visit to Florida. If you are looking for some details on Kerry’s Health Care Plan, here is what his website say.

A useful resource that takes a critical look at Bush’s No Child Left Behind Policy is from the Children’s Defense Fund

It is also unfortunate that other opinions or perspectives are not included in a story like this. Citizens would be well served to have non-partisan information on candidate polices, such as that provided by Public Citizen


Fox 17 Newsreader – The presidential candidates continue spreading their messages across the country this week. Today, President Bush visited the national Institute of Health in Maryland to talk about the No Child Left Behind program. He says more money is going to the public schools than ever before and schools should be required to produce results.

John Kerry meantime brought his health care plan to Florida today. The Democratic candidate held a town hall meeting to talk about the burden facing small business owners and workers. Kerry says he has a health care plan that would let people choose their own doctor.

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