Bush Administration Warned By CIA About Flawed Intelligence

According to recent testimony to the Senate Armed Services Committee by CIA Director George Tenet, the Bush administration was warned at numerous points about flaws in the intelligence cited during the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq.

The administration continues to lie to support their policies in Iraq. Vice President Dick Cheney was warned once in January by Tenet about incorrectly interpreting intelligence:

  • In a Jan. 22 interview with NPR, Dick Cheney claimed that two truck trailers recovered in Iraq were “conclusive evidence” of a biological weapons program.
  • In a Jan. 9 interview with Rocky Mountain News, Cheney said “there’s overwhelming evidence there was a connection between Al Qaeda and the Iraqi government”–an assertion based on a document prepared by Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith, although the CIA does not agree with that document’s conclusions. According to Tenet’s testimony, a warning is forthcoming.

One should also not forget the numerous lies by President Bush–an October 7, 2002 statement about “massive stockpiles” of WMD comes to mind, as well as the Africa-Iraq uranium deal that never happened–along with many other false statements before, during, and after the invasion of Iraq.

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