GRIID Releases Study on Local News Coverage of Israel/Palestine

The Grand Rapids Institute for Information Democracy (GRIID) has just completed a study of local TV and print news coverage of Israel/Palestine. The 90-day study was conducted from early August through early November 2003. Considering that many Americans still rely on local news as their main news source, it is reasonable to say that the public perception of Israel/Palestine is as follows:

  • The problem stems from a dispute between two groups that can’t get along
  • Palestinians are terrorists and Israel is defending itself
  • People in the Middle East are violent
  • the US role is to try and bring peace

GRIID acknowledges that these conclusions are far from the truth, but think it is important to recognize what the public perception about Israel/Palestine and the US role in that region is.

GRIID hopes that people working on this issue will find the study useful in developing a strategy of public education. The report can be downloaded from our website at