Attorney General John Ashcroft Sued, Singing Career in the Future?

Attorney General John Ashcroft was sued yesterday by a federal prosecuter who says that the Justice Department has exaggerated its success in “the war on terror” and has hindered prosecutors in the field.

With this latest lawsuit and growing criticism of the USA PATRIOT Act, things are looking bad for Ashcroft, but should he be forced out of Washington, he has other career options. Ashcroft is also a budding singer, having composed a patriotic song called “Let the Eagles Soar.” Perhaps he will be joined by Trent Lott, another washed up politician who was a part of Ashcroft’s Singing Senators musical group. We are fairly confident they could cut into Lee Greenwood’s market share.

We couldn’t make this up: Video of John Ashcroft Singing “Let the Eagles Soar”

Author: mediamouse

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