Racist National Alliance in Wyoming and Grand Rapids

Members of the National Alliance, one of the largest white suprmacist/fascist groups in the United States, has been distributing flyers in the West Michigan area as part of their “Love Your Race” campaign. According to the National Alliance, it is “a way to for us [the National Alliance] to give a nice, positive message to our people [white people] to coincide with the holiday. The founder of the National Alliance, William Pierce, gained notoriety for writing The Turner Diaries, a novel that has inspired numerous acts of violence by racists. In addition to their literature, the group has tried a variety of approaches to spread their message, even marking a video game called Ethnic Cleansing: The Game.

According to the National Alliance’s web site, the nearest chapter is in Kalamazoo. While it is probably relatively futile, you can tell them to stay out of West Michigan at kalamazoo@natallmi.com or 269-488-9868.

Information on the National Alliance: Report from the Southern Poverty Law Center

Author: mediamouse

Grand Rapids independent media // mediamouse.org