Mainstream Criticism of Fox News, Baghdad’s Oil Ministry, and Playing Cards

Here is some criticism of the US media’s pro-war bias from two mainstream sources, the director of the BBC and Ted Turner. Both of them single out Rupert Murdoch and his Fox News Network. Turner refers to Murdoch as a “warmonger” while BBC director-general Greg Dyke says “For the health of our democracy, it’s vital we don’t follow the path of many American networks.” Meanwhile, NBC reporter Ashleigh Banfield rips the coverage at her own network, NBC.




According to Aljazeera, the U.S. military has barred access to the offices of the Oil Ministry in Baghdad as well as booby trapping a Baghdad power station. Could it be that the US has plans other than letting the Iraqis run there own oil industry?


Here is a parody of the “most wanted” playing cards. Enjoy!

Author: mediamouse

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