Indigenous Issues and “Preventive” War

Indigenous views in the U.S.

Winona LaDuke (Ojibwe) recently visited U-M:Ann Arbor and discussed the war, indigenous land recovery and various indigenous issues. ( link )

Indigenous peoples of the Americas know something about imperialism, invasion and occupation. In America, part of the picture is the Bureau of Indian Affairs. A satirical and sardonic perspective imagines a post-war Bureau of Iraqi Affairs. ( link )


Kurdistan is the borderless and stateless land of the indigenous Kurdish people, a people that have suffered mightily from Iraqi and Turkish atrocities and U.S. geopolitical shiftiness. Major tension between Iraqi Kurds and Turkish forces that are massing at the Turkish border threaten to destabilize Iraqi Kurdistan. Reported pressure from U.S., Germany and Belgium are trying to keep most Turkish troops in Turkey. The Turkish goverment is reported to have mandated any action necessary to prevent the establishment of a Kurdish state in Iraq. An incredibly complex political and cultural situation in northern Iraq continues to develop.

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Important and Recent Comprehensive Aspects of the War:

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