Justice 2000 Plan Runs Up Against Mayor’s Arrogance

Reprinted from The FUNdamentalist (May 1996)

While testifying at a Grand Rapids City Commission bearing on billboards last year, i suggested that there may be conflicts of interest involved with the Mayor and one other Commission member. Before i could continue, Jobn Logie (Grand Rapids Mayor) interrupted to explain cos view of those possible conflicts of interest. Co counted that time as part of my allotted 3 minutes, and cut me off immediately at the end of that time. When i protested, saying that cos interruption shouldn’t count as part of my time, co said, falsely, that i bad asked a question, implying that it was reasonable to count the “answer” as part of my time.

At a recent Commission meeting i did ask a question: Why no response to the request several of us made in December that the City establish a “Grand Rapids Justice 2000 Plan”? The response to this direct question was … utter silence. When i said something like, “I’m asking a question, and would like a response”, Logie said that the Commission does not have to respond to anything during a public comment period. So i asked, “Then, how do i go about getting a response?” Logie’s response to that: “if we decide to respond, we’ll let you know.”

If you are concerned about this arrogance and lack of meaningful response on the part of elected City officials, you might contact the Mayor’s office to express that concern: Jobn Logie, 300 Monroe Av. NW, Grand Rapids, MI, 49503; phone: 456-3168.

Author: mediamouse

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